So, what's an idea?

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Dr. Gerard Puccio
Ideas fuel innovation. No ideas? No innovation! But what are ideas exactly? In this interview we ask Gerard Puccio PhD, author of "Creative Leadership" and the "FourSight Thinking Profile" and chair of the oldest Master of Science program in Creative Studies, to illuminate what ideas are and where they come from.

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So, what's an idea?

GP: An idea is our imagination’s way of responding to a gap. A gap might be created by a question that doesn’t have an answer or a problem that doesn’t have a solution. We bridge the gap by forming a new association or connection. That’s an idea. People often confuse ideas with solutions. In my opinion, a solution is an idea that has already undergone the process of being evaluated, refined, and developed so you’re very close to bringing it to the world. An idea, by contrast, is closer to the wellspring of imagination. In the overall process, it is closer to the initial insight – the ‘aha’ moment.

Where do ideas come from? GP: We find ideas by looking for them. While it’s true that people occasionally stumble on a new idea, most ideas come in response to a need. It could be the need for a new product, business or opportunity. When our mind identifies that gap, our imagination starts working to create an association that will bridge it. The more we fuel our minds with rich stimuli, such as new knowledge, ideas, concepts, theories, images and experience, the more effective we become at making associations that bridge gaps. How do we become better at having ideas? GP: We can train our imagination. Exercising our imagination is just like...Read the full interview.
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