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Who are the innovators in organizations? The results of our year-long study are in.
The First Ever Innovator Profile Study
More than 400 innovators on 4 continents
Who are the people drawn to corporate innovation? And what attracts them to the challenge of bringing “new and improved” to organizations? FourSight decided to find out. In 2018, we launched a research partnership with the Innov8rs conference. We traveled to four continents, collecting the thinking profiles of 410 corporate innovators who registered for the conference, and compared them to 13,500 profiles from the general population. The results are stunning. Read the article…

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Learn to teach tools to clarify, ideate, develop and implement. This train-the-trainer course teaches you to deliver a 1-day “Innovation Toolset” program that trains your participants to be more innovative problem solvers. Toolset Certification is for facilitators already certified in Mindset. Get Toolset certified to…
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