Viva Implementers!

At February’s ExhibitorLive Trade Show in Las Vegas, FourSight helped trade show professionals (and one FourSight facilitator) learn how to work the crowd.

Viva implementers!

By Sarah Thurber It was six hours before the big workshop in Las Vegas. 88 people were signed up, and less than half had done their FourSight assessment. The group activity I planned to facilitate hinged on knowing people’s profiles. It wasn’t going to work with half the results. Frustrated, I looked at the results. Just for grins, I made a group profile. What a shock. They were all Implementers. Thinking it over, it made sense. These were trade show experts, who work in a deadline-driven sales environment that demands Implementer energy. Then, why hadn’t they done their assessments? I asked the organizer. She said these guys constantly cope with pressing deadlines. If it’s optional, subtle or due weeks away, they skip it. I searched my email for the reminder notes we had sent out. Sure enough, our letters were long and explanatory, with due dates buried at the bottom. I laughed to myself. For Implementers, this letter reads, “Blah, blah, blah.” Suddenly inspired, I... read the full article
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