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A study of 400+ corporate innovators

Innovators vs. the Organization

New research on why  innovation often stalls


"I've got this big innovation, but…

finance won't fund it,

engineering won’t build it,

and sales won’t sell it."


Sound familiar? Such frustrations are common among corporate innovators, who bring new ideas to the organization only to encounter resistance from within. Why does that keep happening?


In 2018, FourSight undertook a yearlong global study to find out. Collaborating with the Innov8rs Conference and BridgePoint Effect, we traveled the world and gathered more than 400 cognitive profiles of corporate innovators.


Watch this webinar where Janice Francisco, CEO of BridgePoint Effect, and Sarah Thurber, Managing Partner of FourSight, reveal the study’s fascinating findings and offer tips on how innovators — corporate and otherwise — can anticipate and overcome resistance.

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