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  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Creative Thinking

So many people are trained to get the right answer, but lost when it comes to finding a new answer.

Discover the FourSight Thinking Profile, a personalized way to introduce individuals to the creative problem solving process and give them a common language for effective collaboration. We’ve channeled 65 years of research in the science of creativity into a transformational, 2-hour “Mindset Reveal” session that you can present to grow people’s capacity to find innovative solutions to complex problems. When they better understand the nature of their own creativity, people collaborate and innovate more effectively with others.

The FourSight certified facilitators have brought the “Mindset Reveal” to some of the world’s top innovators, companies, schools and government agencies. Now FourSight makes this transformational program available to nonprofit teachers and trainers at a fraction of the cost with an online FourSight Qualification program that makes it easy to bring FourSight to your institution.

  • Who can qualify?

    Professors, teachers and trainers who work at academic or nonprofit institutions.

  • Benefits

    1. Get the FourSight Thinking Profile at 60% off.
    2. Learn to teach the “Mindset Reveal” with a self-paced, online course.
    3. Get a scripted slideshow and coaching from a FourSight expert.
  • How long does it take?

    From application to presenting the FourSight “Mindset Reveal,” allow three weeks.

  • How much does it cost?

    Registration costs $495 USD. Want to deliver to a broader audience? Get fully certified, and we’ll apply 100% of your qualification fee toward certification.

  • Where?

    Buy here and get on the path to becoming FourSight® Qualified in Mindset.

One thing I can say for certain: FourSight has never failed me. It’s made my sessions better, my groups better, and me better.

— Tim Hurson, Author, teaching Entrepreneurship at Oberlin College

  • Online training
  • Scripted slides
  • Personal coaching
  • 60% off profiles
  • Pay &

    Pay $495 USD to get presenter slides, coaching, 60% discounts and free team profiles. Register to confirm your nonprofit status and agree to promises between FourSight and presenter. 

    15 min

  • Learn

    Study the self-directed, online learner map: Watch the videos, read the notes, review the script and get personal coaching from a FourSight expert.

    3-5 hours

  • Get
    60% off

    Purchase FourSight profiles for your education or nonprofit organization for $26, 60% off the standard price.

    5 min

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