Enhancing Design Thinking and Agile with FourSight

Hear how one team expert enhances two of business's most popular process models by using FourSight to understand the people side.


IBM's Mike Ackerbauer, PhD, shares his insights about the power of combining FourSight with Design Thinking and Agile approaches. You can watch the full FourSight U Webinar above.

"I almost fell out of my chair the first time I saw a design thinking session.
I thought, 'You stole the creative problem solving process. You thieves!'"

-Mike Ackerbauer, PhD
IBM "Whole Team Intrapreneur and Cognitive Sherpa"

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Sarah Thurber

Sarah is managing partner at FourSight and the author of The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker, Creativity Unbound, and Facilitation: A Door to Creative Leadership. Her work helps teams and leaders think creatively, work collaboratively and achieve innovative results.