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Where does FourSight come from?

FourSight is a valid, research-based assessment tool developed over the last 20 years by Gerard Puccio, Ph.D., director of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at the State University of New York College at Buffalo. Dr. Puccio is dedicated to teaching the “science” of creativity and innovation to graduate students and business professionals to help them gain awareness, skills and mastery of the creative process.

FourSight is the assessment tool he developed in hopes of telegraphing the Center’s fundamental discoveries and principles around creativity and innovation to a broader audience. Using simple terms and immediately applicable tools, FourSight brilliantly packages up and delivers the best “thinking about thinking” that has been done over the last 50 years. For further information, please refer to the FourSight Technical Manual and User’s Guide.

How do I know it’s valid?

We’re proud of the research behind the FourSight instrument, and we’re happy to share it. We have been doing and collecting research around FourSight and thinking preferences for nearly 20 years.

The key findings are all shared in our FourSight Technical Manual, available here. Download for free.

How many people have taken FourSight?

The FourSight Thinking Profile has been used with more than 100,000 people all over the world including people in Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, Belgium, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Poland, France, England, China, Singapore, Maylasia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and the United States.

More than 35,000 people have participated as research subjects in the development and refinement of FourSight over the last 20 years.

How does the online version work?

When you order the online version of the assessment, we automatically create a user account for you. With your user name and password, you can log into the FourSight website at www.foursightonline.com. The online profiles you purchase show up as keys in your “inventory.” When you’re ready to invite your group to take the online assessment, simply click “create invitation” and fill in the required fields. At the end of this quick process, the system will generate an email with a unique link for you to send to your group. After your participants have had a chance to take the assessment, you can log back into your account and check to see who has submitted their results.

Click the number under the “results” icon to see the list of participant names. Unlock the profiles you want to accept and select all to view and download or email results. FourSight will automatically produce a PDF file with a single page chart for each of your participants. Print the file, and distribute the results at your session, along with the free interpretive guide that comes with every online profile. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at info@FourSightOnline.com.

Do I have to get certified to use FourSight?

Currently we do not require certification, but there are increased benefits to get certified-including discounts. Presenters report that they feel more confident and fluent in debriefing FourSight when they have completed the 2-day certification.

I want to bring the FourSight assessment to my group, which product do I purchase?

Purchase the FourSight Thinking Profile here.

You will need to make 4 selections:

  1. Quantity: How many individuals will be taking FourSight?
  2. Assessment: Do you want the online assessment (recommended) or a paper assessment (shipping required)?
  3. Language: What language will you use to debrief the assessment?
  4. Interpretive Guide: Do you want to use the PDF or have printed guides shipped to you?

Once your selections have been made, you will be able to “Add to Cart” and complete your purchase. Online assessments will immediately be available in your FourSight Admin account which can be accessed here.

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer discounts, but only for certified facilitators.

Please contact us for more details.

I just want to take the assessment myself. Can I do that?

Yes. Click this link. The self assessment is for individual users who have no intention of taking groups through the FourSight process. You will be able to take the assessment and immediately receive your results along with the short form of our interpretive guide.

I want my participants to pay for their own assessments. How do I do that?

Yes. This can be done through an admin account. If you do not have an admin account, email us at info@foursightonline.com and we’ll help you get started.

What are the different group report options?

There are 2 report options:

  1. The Group Profile is free. It is a simple 1-page graph quantifying your group’s high and low preferences. It can be created instantly from the results page of your invitation or by clicking the "Create New Report" button on your reports page.
  2. The Group Profile Plus is a 2-page, $55 upgrade of the group profile. Page one shows the standard group profile, including conversation prompts to help the group reflect on its high and low preferences. Page two includes the high, neutral and low thinking preferences of each member of the group.