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What’s the right tool to
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If you want to help individuals,
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  • Collaboration
  • Creative problem solving
  • Innovation
  • Team effectiveness
  • Leadership development

You need an approach that’s
practical, popular and proven.

FourSight has you covered.

Based on more than 65 years of research, FourSight®
certifies you in programs that are easy to teach learn
and apply, and highly rated by participants.

The 3-Step Plan

Here’s how we do it.

1. Register today and get certified.
1. Register today and get certified.

Sign up for FourSight Mindset Certification today. Take the course online (with a live virtual group or solo, self-paced).

2. Bring FourSight to your clients.
2. Bring FourSight to your clients.

Use FourSight’s scripted slides and activities to deliver a dynamic, high impact session to your clients.

3. Deliver breakthroughs.
3. Deliver breakthroughs.

Use FourSight to help your clients collaborate, solve problems and find innovative solutions.

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More than 600 certified consultants use FourSight with companies including...

“In my practice, FourSight is my 'go-to' lens for any work relating to teams and collaboration. It is the most accessible and immediately useful of any instrument I have used. It is so simple and “sticky” that people can have their profile debrief one day and successfully use it as the framework for a decision-making or problem-solving meeting the very next day.”

—Lesley D, OD Consultant

“Getting certified in FourSight Mindset and Toolset has transformed my innovation practice.”

Steven W, Innovation Consultant

"FourSight is deceptively effective, because it's so easy to use and seems so straightforward. Yet it works."

Nick M, Facilitator

“My first FourSight session went super well. Looking forward to facilitating a FourSight session again ;-)”

Lucie L, Teacher and Facilitator

“You have an amazing team at FourSight. I had the opportunity to learn and grow personally beyond getting certified. I definitely want to take more FourSight courses and make it part of my regular practice.”

Heidi M, Consultant

“FourSight is so effective, it makes my life easier.”

Patricia F, Design Thinking Trainer

“It’s exciting to watch what happens when people are given a framework and tools to do creative problem solving. One group told us they got more ideas in six hours than they got in the past six months.”

Robin W, Corporate Trainer

Get a tool that delivers breakthroughs.

Register for FourSight Mindset Certification today. Take the course online (with a live virtual group or solo, self-paced option).


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