2016 December News - The New Golden Rule

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The New Golden Rule

The golden rule just got an upgrade. Remember when you learned: "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you?" Well, thanks to cognitive science, that old adage has some new updates. That's because when it comes to problem solving and collaboration, you're better off following this advice: "Do unto others whatever works best for them." In this holiday season, the real gift to give family, friends and colleagues is to understand their thinking preferences and treat them the way that suits them best.
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A New Golden Rule...for Gift Giving

When it comes to gift giving, it's the same. Just because you would love a fishing pole does not necessarily mean your wife wants one. Here's what the elves at FourSight headquarters recommend.


Clarifiers love gifts that fill a gap. Recognize a need in their current reality and choose a gift that meets it. Heading to college? Luggage! Shopping for an Clarifier? Go-to: Classic stores, tried-and-true brands


Ideators love surprises, non-traditional gifts and ways to express their own original ideas. Find their favorite milieu and give them a blank canvas. Shopping for an Ideator? Go-to: Etsy


Developers love gifts that are well-crafted and of the highest quality Shopping for a Developer? Go-to: thesweethome.com or thewirecutter.com. These sites analyze all the options and feature only the "best of" anything in each category.


If you're not fast enough, Implementers will buy their own gifts! Beat an Implementer at their own game, giving them an early holiday gift card. Shopping for an Implementer? Go-to: amazon.com Or give them a subscription to Amazon Prime, which we imagine must have been created by Implementers for Implementers.
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