Workshop reveals team strengths


Boost creative + critical problem solving


Help virtual + hybrid teams collaborate


Sometimes, even good teams get stuck.

People think differently. That's good for a team, until people can't agree on how to approach a challenge.

Then it's hard. It's hard to move forward. It's hard to achieve goals. 

No team should stay tangled up in the very differences that, if understood, could make them stronger.

Make your team more productive with FourSight.

FourSight is a collaborative problem-solving system that helps people see their differences through a whole new lens. 

The FourSight Thinking Profile assessment reveals how people approach a challenge. The FourSight Framework provides a universal language and problem-solving tools to solve tough challenges.

Bring FourSight to Your Team

FourSight helps teams collaborate.

Over the last 25 years, FourSight has collected more than 6 million data points on how people solve problems. We’ve helped more than 10,000 teams in business, government, military, nonprofit, and education learn to leverage their differences to produce better results.

  • Discover strengths
  • Increase collaboration
  • Reduce conflict
  • Anticipate pitfalls
  • Deliver more effective results
Bring FourSight to Your Team
The 3-Step Plan

It's easy to get started


1. Book your workshop

1. Book your workshop

Run an in-person or virtual workshop. Bring in a certified facilitator or deliver it yourself with the DIY Presenter Pack.

2. Reveal your mindset

2. Reveal your mindset

Use the "FourSight Mindset Reveal" workshop to discover the problem-solving superpowers of each team member.


3. Think better together

3. Think better together

Use the insight you gained from the workshop to leverage thinking differences and solve problems more effectively together.

“Simply put, FourSight helps teams perform better.”

Tim S, OD Consultant

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! This was just what my team needed.”

Maria A, Team Leader

"This program is so applicable and tangible. I can’t stop thinking about it."

Katy A, Senior Training Specialist

“The training wasn’t just the discovery of self. It was the discovery of me within the team—how we can speak to each other and work together better. It has caused some really positive change.”

Donna L, Head of School

“Simply put, FourSight helps teams perform better.”

Tim S, OD Consultant


Two ways to run your workshop

Bring in an expert or run it yourself.

The best FourSight workshops are led by certified facilitators. But not every team has the time or budget to do that. So we've given you options. FourSight is proud to have a global network of 200+ independent FourSight Certified Facilitators. Click "Book Now," and let us know if you want a certified expert to run the workshop or if you want to run it yourself. If you opt for an expert, we'll try to match you with someone who specializes in your industry, speaks your language, and/or works nearby.

With a facilitator

Bring an expert FourSight®
Certified Facilitator
to run
a fun, dynamic workshop,
customized for your team.

Groups up to 150

Do it yourself

Pick  someone on your team
to run the standard, 90-minute workshop, using the
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Presenter Pack.

Groups up to 20

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Not quite ready to schedule?

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