Team Collaboration

At some point, every team gets stuck.

We get it. Collaboration is hard these days. You are wrestling with a combination of virtual, in-person and hybrid. People are struggling to stay engaged and aligned. 


Make your team more productive with FourSight.

FourSight can help you uncover the problem-solving superpowers of your team. Chances are, you've got diverse thinkers. 

Learn to leverage your differences. 


Help in-person, virtual and hybrid teams


Quick assessment that’s easy to use


Learn to leverage team diversity


Teams that leverage differences collaborate more effectively.

Learn to leverage team differences in a dynamic, 2-hour, live virtual “FourSight Mindset Reveal” session. Team members discover data about themselves and each other that can help them reduce conflict, leverage their best thinking and achieve their goals faster.

Use FourSight to...

  • Discover team strengths.
  • Avoid blind spots.
  • Reduce conflict.
  • Increase collaboration.
  • Leverage style differences.
  • Solve problems more effectively.
The 3-Step Plan

Here’s how you do it.

1. Book a Workshop
1. Book a Workshop

Choose between a virtual or in-person workshop led by a certified facilitator. 

2. Discover your team’s superpowers
2. Discover your team's superpowers

Use the FourSight Reveal session to discover the problem-solving superpowers of each team member. 

3. Achieve your goals faster
3. Achieve your goals faster

Use the insight you gained from the workshop to leverage thinking differences and solve problems more effectively together.

“Simply put, FourSight helps teams perform better.”

Tim S, OD Consultant

“Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. This was exactly what our team needed.”

Maria A, Team Leader

“FourSight is my 'go-to' lens for any work relating to teams and collaboration. It is so simple and ‘sticky’ that people can have their profile debrief one day and successfully use it as the framework for a decision-making or problem-solving meeting the very next day.”

Lesley D, OD Consultant

“I started to understand people and deal with difficult people in a better way.”

Adnon A, HR Manager

“The entire agency is buzzing about FourSight. The increased self awareness and the greater empathy/understanding of one's collaborators was mentioned in nearly every internal meeting or 1:1 I've had since yesterday’s workshop.”

Stacie B, Ad Agency President

“The FourSight approach suits our business and our culture, because it combines the hard numbers with an opportunity to generate new thinking and new possibilities.”

Mike S, Chief Strategy Officer

3 Ways to Bring FourSight to Your Team

Live Virtual

Invite your team to a dynamic two-hour Zoom session with lots of interaction and team discovery. 



In Person

Bring in a certified FourSight facilitator to guide your team through a fun, high-impact journey of self-discovery. 



DIY Presenter

Coming Soon!
Run your own group session using a simple presenter pack with videos and activities for the group. 



Tap the full power of your team.

Don’t struggle with problem-solving differences. Book a 2-hour virtual FourSight Mindset Reveal workshop and learn to leverage the full problem-solving power of your team.