The science behind FourSight

FourSight was founded by two PhD’s. Not surprisingly, science is a core value of the FourSight company. The FourSight theory, framework, tools and assessment are all based in research.

Dr. Gerard Puccio, author of the FourSight assessment, is a “Distinguished Professor” at the State University of New York, where he has chaired the Master of Science program in Creativity and Change Leadership for more than 20 years. In the 1990s, Puccio began developing and validating FourSight’s psychometric scale. Download the original 2002 FourSight Technical Manual here.

Since then, the FourSight theory and problem-solving framework have been validated by more than two dozen academic studies by the FourSight team as well as independent researchers around the globe. Download a summary of those findings in our FourSight Research Supplement here.

Do research with FourSight

FourSight welcomes graduate students, PhD Candidates and professional researchers to do research with the “FourSight Thinking Profile.”

If you would like to use FourSight in an academic study, please fill out this form to begin the conversation with our research team.

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