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Culture for Innovation

When teams don’t collaborate, innovation fails.

Organizations need everyone’s best thinking to solve the complex challenges they face. But individuals and teams with different mindsets don’t naturally collaborate.


Give all your teams a mindset + toolset for innovation.

FourSight helps team members speak one another’s language. With a simple assessment and problem-solving training, people can work together more efficiently and deliver innovative solutions.

FourSight is used by the Center for Creative Leadership to coach executive leaders on innovation, by Navy SEALS to train combat teams, and by top universities around the world to prepare students for career success.


Benefits of FourSight training:

  • Easy to teach, learn and apply
  • Top rated by participants
  • Validated by research
  • Proven to increase innovation and collaboration
  • Delivered live online or in-person
Schedule a 20-minute consult
Schedule a 20-minute consult

How it works

Here’s how FourSight builds innovation capacity in organizations.

FourSight _ How It Works
What Others Are Saying


If you need more creative solutions, figure out which of the thinking archetypes need to put their heads together.



FourSight creates training tools to help individuals and teams solve problems.



FourSight has created a four-prong method used by businesses and in classrooms to help promote and demystify the creative process.

1500 Satisfied Users Over the Globe

“Teams trained in FourSight are more effective at innovation.”

Creating, Growing & Sustaining Innovation Teams” IBM study conducted by Dr. Casimer DeCusatis, IBM Master Inventor

“FourSight helped us harness the creative power of our organization.”

Jim L, President + CEO

“Your innovation class was the best training I’ve had in 20+ years at UPS.”

Alex O, New Product Development Director

“FourSight helps us understand the creative process and engage in it in a more mindful way. Once we do that, it’s easier to improve both our creative thinking and innovation outcomes.”

Kim M., Executive Educator

“For short or long term projects and for creating more powerful teams, I make sure people have been exposed to FourSight. It’s an essential tool for both learning and leadership development. Simply put, Foursight improves the operating culture of organizations and helps teams perform better.”

Tim S, OD Consultant

“My biggest takeaway from this course was a framework for creativity. Walking away with a set of tools to help me drive toward a creative solution more effectively is really great.”

Joe R, Sr. Manager Customer Technology Marketing

“It’s exciting to watch what happens when people are given a framework and tools to do creative problem solving. One group told us they got more ideas in six hours than they got in the past six months.”

Robin W, Corporate Trainer

The 3-Step Plan

Here’s how to get started.

1. Schedule a
20 minute consult
1. Schedule a 20 consult

Talk with a FourSight expert about how to increase collaboration and innovation in your organization

2. Pilot FourSight
with decision makers
2. Pilot FourSight with decision makers

Run a “FourSight Team Reveal” session for a team of decision makers in your organization.

3. Let certified trainers build innovation capacity
3. Let certified trainers build innovation capacity

Use certified trainers to give teams across the organization a common language for innovative problem-solving.

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Latest Case Studies

Success Stories



With its new course “Innovate Like an Entrepreneur,” UPS delivered innovation skills to marketing teams and focused employees’ problem solving skills on real UPS challenges.


IBM Research Study

Independent research conducted by a legendary inventor at IBM compared team structures and discovered the best way to train and sustain an innovative team.


Estee Lauder

The beauty giant transformed team outcomes with this team challenge program in Australia.


Help teams build their innovation muscle.

Don’t leave people without a common language to collaborate. Use FourSight to help both in-person and remote team members understand each other so they can deliver innovative solutions that help your organization thrive.

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