The Challenge of Corporate Innovation: Why Innovators Often Clash with Organizations

Dive into the intricate world of innovation with this compelling video that explores the universal creative process we all undergo when faced with challenges.

The video delves deep into the research that uncovers our cognitive preferences when engaging in this process and how these preferences manifest in teams, job functions, and even entire organizations.

With insights drawn from extensive profiles, the trailer introduces the intriguing concept of the 'missing profile for innovators' and the subsequent birth of the Innovators Conference.

It emphasizes the significance of recognizing and owning one's creative process while also highlighting the need to rethink innovation and bridge existing gaps. This is a prelude to a deeper exploration of how innovators collaborate within their organizations and the challenges they face. Whether you're an innovator, a team leader, or someone passionate about creativity dynamics, this video offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between innovators and organizations.


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Sarah Thurber

Sarah is managing partner at FourSight and the author of The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker, Creativity Unbound, and Facilitation: A Door to Creative Leadership. Her work helps teams and leaders think creatively, work collaboratively and achieve innovative results.