May 5, 2023

Understanding the ROI of FourSight Training on Innovation and Leadership

Two years after training, the organization could still measure the positive impact. In 2013, Brett Richards, PhD wanted to test his new culture survey, which measured an organization’s growth potential. He found willing participants at Sheridan College, one of Canada's largest colleges. Nearly a hundred administrators
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March 17, 2019

How FourSight Thinking Preferences Influence Career Choice

In this brief yet insightful video, the FourSight team presents intriguing research findings on how thinking preferences can influence career choices. The video explores the connection between how we think and the vocations we are drawn to, providing valuable insights for individuals and organizations.
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August 27, 2018

Unconscious Influences: What Truly Defines an 'Ideal Student'?

In this enlightening video, researcher Serap Ozdemir delves deep into teachers' perceptions of the "ideal" student. Through a comprehensive study involving 275 teachers, Ozdemir uncovers the surprising and often unconscious influences that shape these perceptions. By using the "FourSight Thinking Profile" and
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January 15, 2018

Boosting Innovation: Five Reasons to Flex Your Creative Muscle

#1. Creativity fuels innovation. Today, it’s hard to find an organization that doesn’t have “innovation” in its mission statement. Professor Felix Janszen stated, “After the age of efficiency in the 1950s and 1960s, quality in the 1970s and 1980s, and flexibility in the 1980s and 1990s, we now live in the age of
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December 29, 2017

The Cognitive Commute: How Thinking Styles Influence Career Choices

A recent study on health and wellbeing reported a surprising discovery: People with the longest commutes have the lowest life satisfaction.
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May 15, 2017

he Evolution of Cognitive Profiles in Leadership: Insights from FourSight

The FourSight database reveals a remarkable shift in cognitive profiles as leaders move up the organizational ladder.
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