Understanding the Significance of FourSight Colors in Creative Thinking

The FourSight colors were chosen deliberately, if not exactly scientifically. Here’s why we chose blue for clarify, orange for ideate, green for develop and red for implement.


Blue for clarify, because blue is the color of the sky when the fog has lifted and you can see clearly what is happening around you. Blue is a contemplative color that offers space to reflect on the past and play it forward, anticipating the dangers, problems and opportunities that lie ahead. 




IdeateOrange is for ideate, chosen for its vibrance, dynamism and frankly for its difficulty to match with other colors. Orange stands out. It’s original and not easy to rhyme. It’s not afraid to stand out against more conservative blues, grays and greens of the world. Plus orange is a combination of red and yellow, just as new ideas are a combination of other things.





Green for develop because developing is where the seed of an idea starts to grow with careful deliberation, analysis and elaboration. Seeds take time to develop, and often there’s not much evidence of activity until suddenly the sprout emerges. That’s the moment where the idea truly becomes viable in the world.




Red for implement because red is the color of passion, urgency and heat. A matador flashes a red flag in front of a bull to get him into action. Press the red button and something big is sure to happen. Red is a color associated with strength, power and determination, a good fit for implementing.




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Sarah Thurber

Sarah is managing partner at FourSight and the author of Good Team, Bad Team, The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker, Creativity Unbound, and Facilitation: A Door to Creative Leadership. Her work helps teams and leaders think creatively, work collaboratively and achieve innovative results.